Mutual Followers: Finsta or Insta


“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

Matthew 6:33-34

More recently, I’ve seen the growing of a trend called finsta (fake Instagram) or spam accounts on Instagram. The basic idea is that you have a main account for the general public to see and a finsta or spam is a place to post personal things for those you trust. Anyone can follow a main account as long as they’re not blocked, however, a finsta is kept as a secret usually and is private, meaning that one must request to follow it. Now that the urban dictionary lesson is over, I can express my thoughts on how this influences our walk with Jesus.

Which Account is God Following?

You don’t let just anybody follow your finsta. Your finsta has personal posts and it’s not always pretty. It doesn’t always show the best you but it shows you. You’ll let anyone follow your main account. It has filters and clever captions. It shows your good side.

The problem Christians often have is that we only like to give God our main account. We look at God, give him our favorite filter and best caption, and hope He likes it. That’s not what he wants. A relationship with Jesus isn’t always pretty, but it’s real. God isn’t going to talk behind your back and tell everyone your business. He wants everything from you and that includes the ugly parts. Sure, God wants to see your favorite filter and your most creative caption, but he also wants to hear about how good or bad your day is and how mad you are at somebody. Whatever, it is God wants it all. God requested to follow your finsta a long time ago, the question is, have you accepted his request?

Which Account are You Following?

This question may be harder to answer for some but it is important. There are times that you don’t wanna see someone’s finsta. You want to believe that someone is perfect and liking them is going to require no work at all. It’s easy to like someone when you see them through their main account but what happens when you see their finsta.

While we may avoid some people’s finsta. The finsta that’s avoided the most is God’s. It’s easy to be a Christian when you just see the easy parts of the Bible. If we only read “all these things shall be added to you,” everyone would be a Christian. When we read that we have to “seek first the kingdom of God,” there are some who would still be a Christian. But how many people want to follow God’s finsta? How many people want to read Matthew 6:25-32?

In Matthew 6:25-32, Jesus says to “not worry about your life.” He goes on to say that you shouldn’t worry about what to eat or drink or wear. How many of us actually follow that version of Christ? Too many times, we just like to tell people about the good and easy parts of Christ and not the ones that might hurt us a little bit. I mean it’s great to tell everyone how Jesus died for us, but how many of us follow the finsta of Christ? The finsta of Christ is the version where He tells us to take up our cross daily. The finsta of Christ contains things that make us uncomfortable and convicted.

Final Thoughts

The reality of our lives and walks with Jesus is that we’re mutual followers. Christians seek to follow Jesus and Jesus seeks to follow us. While the meaning of the word may be different in the two situations, the idea is accurate. The decision we have to make is what version of ourselves we want to show Him and which version of Jesus we want to follow. God already knows the cringy parts of you, so why not give it to him? When it comes to following Jesus, we must remember that nothing worth having comes easily. The ironic thing about finsta accounts is that the thing we call “fake Instagram” is the most real version of life presented to us.





I wrote this post while chewing on my shirt. Some threads may have been consumed. 


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