Reflections from High School: The Seasons, The Fields, and The Seeds

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”

– Galatians 6:9

Tomorrow, I graduate High School. It feels like just yesterday I was walking to Ms. Berry’s Algebra II class on the first day of school. I remember being late to that first class because I thought school started at 9:00 instead of 8:55. I remember thinking about graduation like it was so far away but it’s here already. My reflections of the past four years have given me some thoughts about life in general with a simple comparison to farming.

There is a Reason for the Season

We’ve all gone through times in our lives that we thought were completely pointless. For me, high school was like that at times. The number of times that I’ve called high school prison is infinite. One thing I have learned, however, is that there is a reason for the season.

I’ve had classes that were quite possibly the most boring classes I could possibly be in. For example, I have hated doing Dual Government outlines this year and have thought that the class itself is pointless, but the time that I have been able to spend with Mr. Hankins and the rest of my government class will never be forgotten. Overall, high school has shown me that you need to look for the reason in your season because it’s always there. So going forward, know that any season of life that you go through always has a purpose and should never be neglected.

Sow Seeds in Different Fields

If you ever look at a farm, there are usually multiple fields or plots of land used by the farmer. In life, we too have different fields. These fields include friendships, romantic relationships, life goals, and other aspects of our lives. It’s important that you sow your seeds in more than one field.

I remember my freshman year being a time of academics with little social time. Of course, I got all As but I didn’t have any strong friendships with anybody. Sophomore and Junior years were more social than freshman year but lacked more in academics. I didn’t do horribly, I just got As and Bs instead of all As but I could have done better. By Senior year I figured it out, I had strong relationships with a small group of people and I got all As. The point is that you need to sow your seeds or put effort into more than one area of life but make sure that the balance is right.

Some Products Go Out of Season

While at some point, I view the act of sowing seeds as the effort you put into an area of your life or your fields, I also view the act of sowing seeds as an effort to make a harvest out of a certain product. By this, I mean that you sow seeds by starting relationships with people and the level of which you harvest from these seeds shows how far this relationship goes.

As I go off to college, I realize that I will not be able to spend time with my best friends every day anymore. I might see these two guys twice a year if I’m lucky but our time together is coming to a close. While some may say that my season with these guys is coming to an end, I believe that these guys are just a product that will be out of season soon.

The way I can think of this is by comparing these guys to watermelon. Watermelon is best in season during the summer time. I know that during July and August, I can go to Cookout and get myself a watermelon milkshake but that’s not happening in September. When September comes, I know I can’t go get a watermelon milkshake at that time but a time will come again when I can get a watermelon milkshake. While my friends and I may go off to different colleges, that’s not the end of our time together because, like watermelon, there may be a time when these guys come back in season in my life. I just need to get as much watermelon as possible before it goes out of season.

Prepare for the Next Season

A farmer never gets to the harvest time and says, “Oh crap! It’s harvest time.” A good farmer knows that harvest time is coming and prepares for it. They know to get the right tools and personnel ready to harvest. I don’t think people usually have a hard time harvesting. I think they usually have a hard time getting ready for the season after the harvest. Harvesting is fun but thinking about harvest time ending isn’t.

I’ve enjoyed harvesting the product out of my friendships and I’ll complete the ultimate academic harvest tomorrow as I walk across the stage at JPJ. However, it’s important to look ahead to the next season. It’s important to start looking at people you will spend college with and it’s important to prepare yourself for college academics, which for some began with AP and Dual Enrollment classes while in high school. While it’s important to enjoy the season you’re in, it’s also important to prepare for the season ahead.

Nothing is the Same After the Seasons

Another thought that I’ve had about the last four and even the last 13 years for that matter is that nothing is the same after the seasons change. I’ve sowed seeds and harvested products that have created who I am today. I know that I can’t take back any season that my life has gone through, I wouldn’t take back a single one if I could. In the words of the great show How I Met Your Mother, at some point we become “doppelgangers of ourselves” because we’re not who we used to be and that’s fine.


The other day, I was talking to my brother and I had one thought “wow, I’ve done some cool stuff.” Throughout my four years of high school, I’ve gone to numerous band and drumline competitions and trips, I’ve gone to a small town in Alabama for prom and graduation, I’ve gone to prom and skipped prom with my squad, and a whole bunch of other stuff. My overall conclusion is that life and the seasons of life are short so do stuff that’s worth remembering. I want to look back on my life in the next four years and have the same thought of “wow, I’ve done some cool stuff.”


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