Beyond the Lights

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Psalms 119:105

On Friday, I went to a Liberty University orientation to meet people (even though I wasn’t actually signed up for it). As I made my way back, at an hour that was probably too late, I had some interesting thoughts.

Just Keep Driving

I remember an episode of the How I Met Your Mother where Marshall talked about how his dad was always able to drive in the dark and knew what he was doing. He then had a vision of his dad sitting in the back seat and his father said, “You wanna know a secret? I couldn’t see either. I just kept driving forward hoping for the best.”

Our journey to bring ourselves closer to Christ won’t always come with a road that is completely lit. We often face times when we are unsure of where we’re going. We travel down the metaphorical unlit roads of life and the most important thing is that we keep moving on and hope for the best.

You Can’t See Beyond What the Light Shows You

While driving, I realized that I couldn’t see anything that my headlights wouldn’t show me. As one may easily figure out, the only way to make an unlit road more visible is through lights.

The verse above may have hinted at this point. The psalmist says that God’s word is a lamp to their feet and a light to their path. When we are faced with times of uncertainty or our unlit roads of life, we will not be shown anything that God does not shine his light on.

There’s a use for your High Beams

There are times that I drive and can’t see in front of me and I think there’s a curve or change in direction coming ahead. At that point, I need light to keep traveling, the only way that I can get more light is by turning on my high beams or brights as some call them.

There are times in life where we’re just so uncertain of what’s going on and there’s a change in direction coming up ahead. These times include transitions between schools, undecided majors, career changes, and almost any other life transition. At this point, we need more light on our paths. We need our spiritual high beams. This is the time where we need to pray for God to show us our more. This is the time when we need to dig deeper into our Bible. Finally, this is the time where our faith grows the most.

You Must React to What You See

Just because you see the road doesn’t mean you won’t crash. Seeing a curve ahead of me does not guarantee that I will make it through the curve. I must monitor my speed, my position amongst other cars, and most of all, I must turn my wheel the proper amount.

People often blame God for decisions that they make. There are often people who see a curve ahead of them but they move too quickly or they turn too much, or they even crash into another vehicle. Just because God has shown you the curve ahead, doesn’t mean that you’ll make it through it. God has given you free will and it’s up to you to react to what he has shown you. This means that if God tells you to prepare yourself for the rigor of college courses ahead and you don’t, don’t be disappointed when you start to fail classes. This also means that if God tells you to wait for the next job offer instead of taking your current one and you wait, don’t be surprised when you make it through and God gives you something better. The point is God’s going to show you the curve and he may even show you how to make it through it but it’s up to you to react to what you see.



Tonight’s late night consumption includes frozen chimichangas and sweet tea. Also, shout out to all the dads out there (especially mine) and happy super late Father’s Day.


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